Whatsapp Tablet

Whatsapp Tablet? Whatsapp is the messaging app that allows millions of people to send free messages, images, videos and much more to friends, colleagues and family. Whatsapp is mainly used on smartphones with Internet. However, wouldn’t it be very useful to use Whatsapp on your tablet? Whatsapp tablet has many advantages. First of all, a tablet enables you to type fast and using a tablet you have a very good overview of the different Whatsapp conversations you have. Moreover, you do not always need to take your smartphone to send a message. You can you can also get your tablet if it is at hand. Another great advantage of Whatsapp on your tablet is that, when someone sends a website, you can view this website on the big screen of your Whatsapp tablet.

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Download Whatsapp iPad

Do you have an iPad and do you want to install Whatsapp on your iPad? That is possible! On our website you will find a handy tutorial that explains how to download and install WhatsApp on your iPad. To access the tutorial, please go to Whatsapp iPad

Download Whatsapp Windows tablet

Download Whatsapp on a Windows tablet is possible through the Windows Phone Store. The Windows Phone Store is available as a an app on your Windows 7 or Windows 8 tablet. In the Windows Phone Store you can search for apps. Open the Store and search for ‘Whatsapp’. Once you have downloaded and installed Whatsapp you should verify the phone number of your SIM card. Then you can use Whatsapp on your Windows tablet. You can find more information about downloading and installing Whatsapp on a Windows device on the page Whatsapp Windows.

Download Whatsapp Samsung Galaxy / Android tablet

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Also for Android tablets (including the Samsung Galaxy tablet) there are possibilities to download Whatsapp Tablet. This is possible for both tablets with SIM card and without SIM card. Below we explain how you can download Whatsapp for an Android tablet with a SIM card. Sometimes This works also for Android tablets without a SIM card.

1. Start your tablet and open the Google Play store. This is the app that allows you to download apps.
2. Search for ‘whatsapp’ and click download. This is free.
3. Once Whatsapp is downloaded and installed, open the app. Your tablet will show a notification once the installation is complete.
4. If you open Whatsapp for the first time it will ask for a phone number verification. Enter the phone number of your SIM card. Whatsapp sends you a message with a access code. Enter this access code in the app. Sometimes you do not have to enter this access code. Than the verification goes automatically.
5. If you have gone through the steps you can immediately start using Whatsapp on your Android tablet. More information about the Android installation procedure can be found on the page Whatsapp Android.