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Download Whatsapp free? For most operating systems, Whatsapp is still free at this time. Users of Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices do not have to pay for the popular messaging service at this time. However, they must pay a small amount to renew their license. iPhone users only pay once £0.69 for the use of Whatsapp. They don’t have to extent their license.

However, the rumor is that the payment system for iPhone users will change. They must not only pay £0.69 to buy the app, but also an yearly amount in order to continue using the service. The measure applies only for new users. Existing WhatsApp users with an iPhone can thus be relieved.

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Download Whatsapp for free

Do you want to download Whatsapp free for Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone? Then click on one of the tutorials below. Please note that only the first year is free. After the first year, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone users have to pay for the extension of the license.

Download Whatsapp Android for free
Download Whatsapp Blackberry for free
Download Whatsapp Windows Phone for free

As appointed, a free download of Whatsapp for iPhone is not possible.There are basically no tricks to bypass this and get Whatsapp for free. We therefore advise you to simply pay for the use of Whatsapp. In our tutorial we will explain how to download Whatsapp for your iPhone. See: Download WhatsApp for iPhone

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